SeaPharms wants you to join our team! Whether you are a large network, content site, social media influencer, or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs. We are looking for brand ambassadors, distributors, affiliates, and models.  Joining the SeaPharms team means you want to find innovative ways to increase your income while making a difference in the world.  Learn more about our openings and apply.

Affiliates receive a link to share with family, friends, and their networks. They earn a 10% commission from their sales. With regular usage of affiliate links, commission from sales will increase apply.  

Brand Ambassador
Brand ambassadors increase awareness about the company and promote products on Instagram, YouTube, and other media platforms. Ambassadors start out earning 10 %-15% of all sales that use their affiliate link. With regular usage of affiliate links, commission from sales will increase apply.

Distributors are entrepreneurs who sell SeaPharms products regionally. They purchase their products at wholesale prices from SeaPharms to build their inventory and sell to their clientele. SeaPharms will provide guidance for building your business, educational sessions on creating your brand, and personal training for creating products like gels. Depending on the market demand, distributors can add nearly $15,000 to their income apply.

Models participate in photo shoots and are featured on the website and marketing campaigns. They are expected to post photos of themselves and embody the company’s philosophies by embracing a healthy lifestyle. They earn a paid wage or a monthly commission from sales using their affiliate links apply. 


Questions? Email or call during office hours, 313-451-3708.