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Product Information

We partnered with farmers around the world to provide you with a variety of sea moss. Our main source comes from Africa, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and the Gulf of Maine. We also collect from Malaysia, Canada, and many more. 

We work with a third party lab to test our products.We only partner with farmers that naturally harvest sea moss.

We refuse to work with any company that uses pool grown sea moss or adds chlorine. 

No, all our beauty products are hand made with all natural ingredients.

We work with a third party lab to test our products for safe use.

Purchasing & Buying in Bulk

Wholesale clients can purchase sea moss for as low as $3.30 to $5.00 per oz ( ounces)  with a minimum purchase required. Complete the inquiry form below so we can follow up with a full pricing quote.

That is correct!  We help create businesses whether you need marketing, branding, scaling, accounting, and much more! 

Yes, all our beauty products are available for wholesale with the options of our company or private labels available.

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Where are located in the United States outside of Detroit, Michigan